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  1. Initial removal of item IDs. We do not rely on Bukkit's item ids (commit: 1a820ad) (details)
  2. Compile against 1.13 preview. Still a lot of work to do. One thing to (commit: ace361a) (details)
  3. Update lombok and remove antrun to fix compiling with JDK9 (commit: 7e40d13) (details)
  4. Remove final modifier to fix illegal reflective access warning (commit: d24fbc9) (details)
  5. Replace Reflection with setter implementation (commit: c700084) (details)
  6. Set target to Java 8 (for 1.13) & update Maven plugins (#1922) (commit: 03b25a0) (details)
  7. update bukkit to 1.13-R0.1-SNAPSHOT. (commit: 768b927) (details)
  8. Remove deprecated economy libs and support (commit: bef4407) (details)
  9. Add missing OfflinePlayer 1.13 methods (commit: d3cd4e3) (details)
  10. Add 1.13 mobs (commit: 504a7ae) (details)
  11. Add module for FlattenedProvider (commit: 3e1857b) (details)
  12. Implement ItemDbProviders, pt 1 (commit: c5376d3) (details)
  13. Add missing methods for OfflinePlayer, FakeWorld, and FakeServer. (commit: a1e98f8) (details)
  14. Fix playtime calculation (commit: 4e165d3) (details)
  15. Revert "Fix playtime calculation" (commit: 5009b3b) (details)
  16. Properly fix inaccurate playtime measurement (commit: 52d814f) (details)
  17. Fix dependency on IdProvider (commit: c27d05f) (details)
  18. Provide ItemDb provider with other providers (commit: 773979c) (details)
  19. Add 1.13+ spawn egg provider (commit: 04feed8) (details)
  20. Add IEssentials#getItemDbProvider method (commit: 340baa9) (details)
  21. Strip out legacy ItemDb code, pt 1 (commit: 3fb4b79) (details)
  22. Strip out legacy ItemDb code, pt 2 (commit: 9da58dd) (details)
  23. Misc changes (commit: 9b39509) (details)
  24. Strip out legacy ItemDb code, pt 3 (commit: de2298c) (details)
  25. Strip out legacy ItemDb code, pt 4 (commit: 98809fa) (details)
  26. Add additional timer marks (commit: b27a6b5) (details)
  27. Add items.json (commit: 3705dbd) (details)
  28. Initialise provider and file during first reload (commit: 718d9d9) (details)
  29. Use Bukkit PotionData instead of our own (commit: 9487665) (details)
  30. Log total loaded items on reload (commit: e3c726b) (details)
  31. Implement missing methods in FakeWorld (commit: 4ea71ae) (details)
  32. Update items.json (commit: 825f697) (details)
  33. Update items.json (commit: c1c422e) (details)
  34. Strip out legacy ItemDb code, pt 1928371236123897 (commit: d74f199) (details)
  35. Add enum utility helpers for Statistic and Material (commit: acbc96f) (details)
  36. Use enum methods throughout plugin for cross-version enum lookups (commit: 6c9c9ad) (details)
  37. Update items.json (commit: cd70662) (details)
  38. Update items.json (commit: 17d5545) (details)
  39. Add a way to use unsafe nicknames (#2152) @pop4959 (commit: a3eb587) (details)
  40. Implement abstract method Entity::getFacing in OfflinePlayer (#2157) (commit: 19913d3) (details)
  41. Fix TropicalFish spawning (#2159) (commit: 33ae9a2) (details)
  42. Update items.json (commit: 425e955) (details)
  43. Implement 1.13 item support (#2153) (commit: 320bc25) (details)
  44. Revert "Implement 1.13 item support (#2153)" (commit: cdba518) (details)
  45. Remove providers; move JSON support into ItemDb (commit: 177e5f6) (details)
  46. Remove item ID support in Worth (commit: e9b1511) (details)
  47. Implement missing FakeWorld and OfflinePlayer methods (commit: 18feb79) (details)
  48. Implement missing FakeServer methods (commit: 3262143) (details)
  49. Actually assign the ManagedFile to file (commit: feba535) (details)
  50. Remove item IDs from /itemdb (commit: f78887a) (details)
  51. Use ItemData#equals when finding item name (commit: 85111f2) (details)
  52. Throw meaningful exception when item not found (commit: 1e381a5) (details)
  53. Formatting (commit: 5c7fc76) (details)
  54. Log invalid JSON entries (commit: 4cd8a66) (details)
  55. Remove IdProvider dependency (commit: 0e088c1) (details)
  56. Implement missing FakeWorld and OfflinePlayer methods (commit: 2f66a86) (details)
  57. Implement missing FakeServer methods (commit: 121d935) (details)
  58. Remove duplicated OfflinePlayer method (commit: a05fc9d) (details)
  59. Remove ID-based permission checks in /give and /item (commit: 60c9040) (details)
  60. Allow multiple item names in /clearinventory (commit: 79bc340) (details)
  61. Remove ID-based permission checks in /more (commit: 3353061) (details)
  62. Remove ID-based charges in /repair (commit: 010981d) (details)
  63. Remove item IDs from Worth (commit: 0a90d76) (details)
  64. Filter out comment lines when loading items.json (commit: a7fcafb) (details)
  65. Added acacia and dark oak tree types (#2001) @montlikadani (commit: a2a95ed) (details)
  66. Adding EssentialsWarpEvent (#1921) @Banbeucmas (commit: 280d121) (details)
  67. Default to max stack size (commit: 4c07e58) (details)
  68. Add (#2206) (commit: f559566) (details)
  69. Implement missing FakeWorld and OfflinePlayer methods (commit: ffc80d6) (details)
  70. Update AntiBuild default entries to enum names (commit: 0105dff) (details)
  71. Rename en-GB to en_GB for consistency (commit: 4802053) (details)
  72. Implement more FakeServer methods (commit: 937aec6) (details)
  73. Add non-NMS VersionUtil (commit: 7dd52da) (details)
  74. Port old ItemDb back (commit: f7a1149) (details)
  75. Remove extraneous imports (commit: 19b1e19) (details)
  76. Deduplicate ItemDb code (commit: 2605e05) (details)
  77. Change /enchant's default level from -1 to 1 (commit: 41b2449) (details)
  78. Fix VersionUtil regex matching and BukkitVersion.toString (commit: 85ea07c) (details)
  79. Correctly use LegacyItemDb after detecting version < 1.13 (commit: 4011810) (details)
  80. Add several version warning messages (commit: 35a2a4d) (details)
  81. Enu-moo-til (commit: 6ecdc8d) (details)
  82. Update bStats-Metrics (commit: 6ee8451) (details)
  83. Fix Worth.setPrice on 1.13+; add Javadocs to Worth (commit: 44301fa) (details)
  84. Allow admins to force enable /recipe if they want (commit: 6a63834) (details)
  85. Hiding display names (#2248) @AllTheMegahertz (commit: a18ce40) (details)
  86. Load forceEnableRecipe during Settings.reloadConfig (commit: 7049952) (details)
  87. Add several cross-version item type checks to MaterialUtil (commit: 3df3f8a) (details)
  88. Use utility methods in MetaItemStack (commit: 1206178) (details)
  89. Add missing FakeServer methods (commit: 02b5d23) (details)
  90. Remove unnecessary kits file (commit: b49d3cc) (details)
  91. Add damage value support to FlatItemDb (commit: 2d703fb) (details)
  92. Update default kits.yml file (commit: 3db3a27) (details)
  93. Add SIGNS and SPAWNER to MaterialUtil (commit: 814e5a6) (details)
  94. Move SHIELD to from MetaItemStack to MaterialUtil (commit: 5922b85) (details)
  95. Bump version to 2.16.0 and release 2.16-pre1 (commit: 23d92fa) (details)
  96. Actually use the force-enable-recipe option from the config (commit: c06dda8) (details)
  97. Improve item-spawn-blacklist load logging (commit: 89d592c) (details)
  98. Remove colour codes from serverUnsupported in EN locale (commit: 67bccb8) (details)
  99. Fix BukkitVersion's toString and equals (commit: 769dbe8) (details)
  100. Fix discrepancies between default and EN locale (commit: 48bf264) (details)
  101. Add 1.13 enchantments (commit: 050287f) (details)
  102. Slightly simplify FlatItemDb (commit: 77ffb6a) (details)
  103. Add methods to facilitate conversion from IDs to new Materials (commit: 149d9b6) (details)
  104. Fix LegacyItemID method override (commit: 492005d) (details)
  105. Estonian translation update (#2228) (commit: f4c36d9) (details)
  106. [Finish] Improving German localization (#2198) @Sprungente (commit: a5a3630) (details)
  107. Update (#2129) @DutchUser (commit: 9415582) (details)
  108. Update Estonian sudoExempt message (commit: f220c5b) (details)
  109. Reword IItemDb#serialize docs (commit: 4b1c51c) (details)
  110. Add MaterialUtil.getColorOf (commit: 5104463) (details)
  111. Overhaul AbstractItemDb.serialize to use MaterialUtil methods (commit: a9ad440) (details)
  112. Lowercase the provided ID in FlatItemDb#get (commit: 28559dd) (details)
  113. Add setting to enable item ID recognition on signs (commit: 5507487) (details)
  114. Update items.json (commit: 7b44f00) (details)
  115. Update items.json (commit: c26df83) (details)
  116. Update items.json (commit: 5173090) (details)
  117. Update items.json (commit: d91d6a4) (details)
  118. Add missing FakeWorld methods (commit: 0202271) (details)
  119. Simplify item spawn permission checks; restore ID-based item spawn perms (commit: 3b1cef9) (details)
  120. Restore ID-based charges in /repair (commit: 19cffe3) (details)
  121. Restore item ID messages in /itemdb (commit: 6260b49) (details)
  122. Use constant field for "harp"/"piano" sound (commit: 361ae1d) (details)
  123. Add cross-version support to MobData (commit: b555ea6) (details)
  124. Add cross-version support to SpawnMob (commit: 5a14a64) (details)
  125. Update several commands with cross-version enum lookups (commit: 0114b5e) (details)
  126. Updates signs with cross-version enum lookups (commit: 78fca9a) (details)
  127. change typos (#2328) @seema84 (commit: 8404720) (details)
  128. Remove redundant metricsEnabled field from Settings (commit: aa6ad27) (details)
  129. Use 1.8-friendly User#getItemInHand method in commands (commit: e94202c) (details)
  130. Implement missing OfflinePlayer methods (commit: 5690952) (details)
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  1. UpdatedMetaProvider Success#659Success#660 (detail)
  2. LegacyProvider Success#659Success#660 (detail)
  3. 1_8_R2Provider Success#659Success#660 (detail)
  4. 1_8_R1Provider Success#659Success#660 (detail)
  5. ReflectionProvider Success#659Success#660 (detail)
  6. EssentialsXParent Success#613Success#660 (detail)
  7. NMSProvider Success#659Success#660 (detail)
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