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  1. Compile against 1.13 preview. Still a lot of work to do. One thing to (commit: ace361a) (details)
  2. Set target to Java 8 (for 1.13) & update Maven plugins (#1922) (commit: 03b25a0) (details)
  3. Add V1_13_R1 to ReflUtil (commit: 299afdc) (details)
  4. Use MONSTER_EGG in SpawnEggRefl (commit: c37d516) (details)
  5. Add V1_13_R2 to ReflUtil (commit: ca721c1) (details)
  6. Implement 1.13 item support (#2153) (commit: 320bc25) (details)
  7. Revert "Implement 1.13 item support (#2153)" (commit: cdba518) (details)
  8. Use MONSTER_EGG in SpawnEggRefl (commit: 692e0ad) (details)
  9. Bump version to 2.16.0 and release 2.16-pre1 (commit: 23d92fa) (details)
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  1. NMSProvider Success#659Success#660 (detail)
  2. EssentialsXParent Success#613Success#660 (detail)
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